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About NOPA

NOPA Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists, Oslo, was founded in 1937. Membership is open to composers, including arrangers and lyricists who are able to document significant artistic production and activity in the area of copyright covered by the society. The NOPA members write music mostly within the concept of pop music, rock, jazz, light music, brassband music, film music, folk music, ballads and so on.

The object of the society is to protect members' artistic, financial and social interests, as well as to promote interest in Norwegian music and lyrics.

Today NOPA has 690 members and is headed by a board of 7 members: 4 composers and 3 lyricists.

NOPA is a co-owner of Phonofile A/S, a member of Nordisk Populaerautorunion - a union of the societies of popular music composers and lyricists in Denmark, Finland, Island, Sweden and Norway. NOPA is also a member of Alliance of Popular Composer Organisations in Europe (APCOE) and Federation of Film and Audiovisual Composers of Europe (FFACE).